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VAP Films Video Catalog

The Old Masters of Musky Hunting  The amazing history of musky fishing                            in riveting and often hilarious stories of 30 senior northwoods guides. (92 min)      $24.00

Musky Stories of the Old Masters-A Sequel  The really big musky stories
of lifetimes on the water by Wisconsin's premier northwoods guides. (88 min)       $24.00

MUSEUM  A unique film about a unique, informal museum featuring antique
Americana (especially autos and motorcycles) and a welcoming bar. (35 min)      $19.00

Chicago's Christmas Tree Ship  The tragic, yet inspiring true story of the                        schooner Rouse Simmons that each year sold Christmas trees right  from                               its deck while moored at the  historic Clark Street bridge. (50 min)                       $24.00

Frank Lloyd Wright and His Inner Circle--A Grandson's View  Wright's
grandson Brandoch Peters tells the story of Wright's life and legacy. (91 min)     $24.00

Hands On  Five Wisconsin artisan/artists describe and demonstrate their
creative work in a variety of fields. (88 min)                                                          $24.00

Touched by an Angell  The story of Angell Park, Sun Prairie, Wis., an
internationally known midget race track with a wild 100-year history. (104 min)   $24.00
Holler at 100   Holler House, a bar in Milwaukee, has the oldest certified
bowling alley in  U.S.--2 lanes in the basement tended by pin boys! (35 min)     $15.00

Eine Kleine Kaserei (A Little Cheese Factory)  A 100-year old Swiss
cheese factory is restored and traditional copper kettle cheesemaking is          
demonstrated. (48 min)                                                                                        $21.00                                                                                                  
Icarus Envy--The Lure of Light Sport Flying  Hold on to your hat for an                          awesome ride in some of aviation's most exciting aircraft! (60 min)                    $24.00

A Railroader Remembers  Steam railroading in northern Wisconsin as told 
by a 38-year veteran on the Chicago & Northwestern. (75 min)                          $24.00

Statues by the Road  Renowned outsider artist Dr Evermor and his wife
Lady Eleanor speak with passion  and humor about their life's work as they
give an in-depth tour of their unique sculpture park  (50 min)                            $24.00
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